Welcome to Drift Creek Camp

DCC provides a vibrant setting
among ancient spruce & hemlocks.
Guests can renew mind, body,
and spirit with access to miles
of forest trails and the refreshing
sounds of a cleansing stream.

Small Groups

DCC Quilters

The 2017 Spring Quilting Retreat is this week! Snow may be be in the forecast. Watch here for details. Learn more at this link.  

Summer Camp

2017 dates:

June 16-18: Parent and Me
June 21-25: Grades 3 & 4
June 25-30: High School
July 2 -7: Grades 7 & 8
July 9-14: Grades 5 & 6  

Look for registration forms in the mail this week!


2017 Women's Retreat

As sprintime buds appear, we are invited to tend the growth of our spirits. How can we experience the beauty and peace of a rich daily life with God? What spiritual practices will sustain us through all seasons? Explore these questions with Marlene Kropf as we draw from her wealth of experience.

Map and Directions

A GPS will not get you to Drift Creek. Please click here for map and directions.